How to make delicious authentic Thai creamy Coconut Curry

Here are a few tips on how to make a delicious Thai creamy coconut curry. Start with bringing coconut milk to a boil on medium heat, add curry paste and fish and stir to break up lumps. Continue cooking until it is thickened and the coconut oil starts separating from the curry paste. This will […]

Lemon Vs Lime what’s the difference

Lemons and limes are highly acidic citrus fruits. Limes are small, round, and green, while lemons are usually larger, oval-shaped, and bright yellow. Both fruits are sour, but lemons tend to be sweeter, while limes have a more bitter flavor. These flavor differences typically drive their different culinary uses. Lemon juice, rind, and zest are […]

Oyster selection and storage

If you are an oyster lover, it is important to know how to select oysters and keep them fresh. Live oysters should be tightly clamped shut or will clamp shut when tapped, and has a mild scent of the sea. If you can sense a strong, offensive or pungent fishy smell, that means the oysters […]

How to deep fry perfect Crispy Wontons without absorbing too much oil

While frying wontons may seem easy enough, you might be wondering why they don’t turn out super crunchy but somehow a bit oily and bitter. To make it worse, you opt for high heat to see if it works better just to find out that most of them are burned! So let’s see if we […]

How to spot the difference between youg & mature Asparagus

Ever wonder why asparagus comes in several sizes, ranging from thinner than a drinking straw to fatter than your thumb? Obviously, thick asparagus is more mature than the thin variety. But choosing thick or thin asparagus is a matter of taste and how you plan to cook it. Thin asparagus is great for steaming, stir-fries, […]

How to get rid of Salmon Fishy Smell

Have you ever forgotten that you had put fish in your refrigerator a few days ago or even a week back? And when you found it, it might not have been rotten yet but had an overly fishy smell. If you don’t want to throw it away, here is one of the best ways to […]

How to defrost Frozen Meat without heat

Remember the 3 safe ways of thawing frozen food that we shared with you earlier this month? Today we have one more thawing method that you can use especially for frozen meat! Get 2 stainless pots from your kitchen and follow these steps.1. Unpack the frozen meat and wrap it with wrapping film.2. Put the […]


We all know that a mortar and pestle does a great job of crushing ingredients to produce a flavorful curry paste. But what if you don’t have one? A food processor or a blender can be an option, but when you only need something quickly blended, the thought of a big cleaning afterward might as […]

How to Chop Herbs without bruising them

Before you start chopping herbs to add a touch of depth and complexity to your dish, have you ever wondered if you may be prepping them the wrong way? Herbs can punch up the flavor and aroma to make the difference and create an unforgettable meal, especially with Thai spicy salad dishes. (Can you imagine […]

Phanom Mue Tid Dao

Royal Umbrella is more than proud to have received “Phanom Mue Tid Dao” special award from the Department of Internal Trade – Ministry of Commerce, as a recognition and approval of being able to continuously maintain our best quality standards of Thai jasmine rice 100% for 4 consecutive years! (2016-2019) Thai jasmine rice 100% and […]