Why Royal Umbrella Brand Rice?

Why Royal Umbrella Brand Rice?

Nakhon Luang Rice Mill

All quantities of rice for production process will be delivered from the rice mill of the Company, which are passed the quality inspection and standard assurance from 5 locations and over 100 network rice mills all over country. Quality and weight are inspected before storing it in the raw rice warehouse which controls the environment of Nakhon Luang Rice Mill, pending for the production in the next process.


Raw rice is contained in a large silo which controls the temperature for storing and safe from microbes causing fungi and toxin and also damages caused by insects and other rodents

Rice Des toner

Separating stones, pebbles and dirt in the rice with high-competence machine, able to sort based on the density of materials as rice from any rice mill always contains stones, pebbles, sand, etc.

Rice Polisher

Polishing rice with rice and mist of water by using special techniques and features of the rice polisher which does not damage the surface of rice, leading to polished and clean rice without any bran and also solving the problem of rice weevils and insects in the future

Rotary Sifter and Length Grader

It is the machine for sorting the size of rice which is already polished. Its function is to transfer rice through sieves. Rotary Sifter and Length Grader will sort the size of rice, such as whole kernels, big broken rice, medium broken rice, small broken rice, broken-milled rice.

Quality Inspection

There is a large scientific laboratory with state-of-the-art technologies for researching rice seeds and rice condition. In addition, there is a sampling storing room for analyzing the shape, flavor, odor and color of rice in order to develop sustainable quality of Royal Umbrella Rice for Thai and global people.

Satisfaction Guarantee

It is the first and only packaged rice which can guarantee the quality of rice with the satisfaction guarantee symbol. Plus, consumers can return products if they are not satisfied with in order to create consumer’s eliability.

CSM (Customer Satistiction Management) is also established for this regard.
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