How to easily clean burnt Pots and Pans

Baking soda is non-abrasive, so you can use it any time your pots and pans need a thorough cleaning. This can be as often as every time you use them, or for the most stubborn, stuck-on food and stain situations. Because who has time to soak a pot overnight, right? Simply combine baking soda and […]

How to remove Red Onion smell off your hands

Red onion smell is definitely not something that you want on your hands long after your cooking is done! But is there an effective way to get rid of it? Worry not! Just wet your hands and then take a pinch of salt and rub vigorously to get the onion smell off your hands. A […]


Have you ever had shrimp that is so crispy and crunchy that it literally “bounces” in your mouth? We have one easy tip to make the shrimps bouncy for you today. Salt and ice will be a complete game-changer here. 1. First , wash your shrimps well.2. Peel shrimps and gently remove the head.3. Put […]


A delicious Thai stir-fried vegetables will have “cornstarch” on the ingredient list! Cornstarch helps thicken the liquid ingredients, coat every morsel of vegetables, and make your sauce taste richer. When and how to add cornstarch? Simply adding cornstarch to the sauce will cause the mixture to clump up. Instead, you need to make a “slurry” […]


How do you usually peel garlic? Peeling garlic sometimes can be pretty annoying, don’t you think? It just won’t come off! Here’s one way to get garlic peeled easier. “Microwave entire bulbs of garlic for 20 secs.” That’s it! And oh, don’t forget to let it cool down before handling. Do try and let us […]

How to keep Chilli Fresh for a long time

Most of the times, due to improper storage, chillies tend to spoil fast. Use these simple tips to increase the shelf life of your chillies! This way your chillies can stay fresh for more than a week. Step 1: Remove the stem part of the chillies and trim any bruised chillies and save only the […]


Have you ever heard or tried Thai Seafood sauce? It goes well with every hot pot/boiled/grilled/fried menu, literally every menu! There’s no Thai who doesn’t like this sauce. Let me share this easy recipe with you. This recipe is for 3 -4 serves. Ingredients 1.Capsicum or any chillies you can find ½ cup2.Garlic ½ cup3.Lime […]


A moist and soft chicken meets crispy toasted nuts. Anyone who has visited a Thai restaurant has probably tried this menu and surely loved it. Yes, it is an authentic Thai dish called ‘Stir Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts” or “Gai pad med mamuang himmapan” We’re about to tell you how to cook this dish […]

Panang Chicken Curry

Is anyone on a diet, but still craves Thai curry? Here’s one thing you can do to cook a healthier version of Thai curry “PaneangChicken”. Use “Low-fat milk” or “Soy milk” instead of coconut milk. Your Paneang Chicken will still taste good, but with a lot less fat. Here’s a full list of ingredients for […]