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How to deep fry perfect Crispy Wontons without absorbing too much oil

While frying wontons may seem easy enough, you might be wondering why they don’t turn out super crunchy but somehow a bit oily and bitter.

To make it worse, you opt for high heat to see if it works better just to find out that most of them are burned! So let’s see if we could use some technique to save our little crispy snacks.
You could be thinking that it has something to do with the wrappers. Perhaps they are not of good quality or they just don’t taste nice to begin with. But to solve this mystery, it is actually the flour, usually wheat, that makes the wonton wrappers tough and bitter, and even gummy. Try dusting off the flour as much as you can beforehand and fry the wontons on low to medium heat for about 30 seconds to 1 minute or until the wrappers are golden and the bubbling starts to subside (a sign that the wrappers are crispy.)

Tip : Remember, keep the heat medium low. If your oil temp is too high the wonton wrappers will burn before the filling cooks!

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