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Phanom Mue Tid Dao

Royal Umbrella is more than proud to have received “Phanom Mue Tid Dao” special award from the Department of Internal Trade – Ministry of Commerce, as a recognition and approval of being able to continuously maintain our best quality standards of Thai jasmine rice 100% for 4 consecutive years! (2016-2019)

Thai jasmine rice 100% and the New Crop Thai jasmine rice 100% by Royal Umbrella are fully certified and permitted to display the Phanom Mue (praying hands) logo received from Department of Internal Trade.

The Department of Internal Trade has constantly inspected quality of rice to meet the global market’s expectations, and as a result, Royal Umbrella’s Thai jasmine rice has been approved for an achievement in maintaining its best quality standards continuously over the years.

Royal Umbrella sincerely thanks Commerce Ministry’s Internal Trade Department for the recognition and approval. We promise to keep our highest standards so that we can pass on premium quality jasmine rice to everyone out there! Always!