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Thai jasmine rice gluten free

Grains usually contain Gluten. Many may wonder if Thai jasmine rice contains any gluten. Today, I have the answer for you, let’s find out.

Thai jasmine rice gluten free

Does Thai jasmine rice contain gluten?

In general, Thai jasmine rice is gluten-free and is a good choice for sensitive consumers or people with celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disease caused by gluten. Nevertheless, some types of rice may not be gluten-free. This happens when gluten-containing ingredients are added. Rice that may contain

gluten include

 • Seasoned rice;

• Pilaf rice from orzo;

• Rice cooked with condiments or seasonings such as soy sauce;

• Rice Krispies is from malt, made of barley.

Thai jasmine rice gluten free

For those who would like to have some rice but worried about gluten, I recommend Thai jasmine rice from the Royal Umbrella brand, because our rice is gluten free and, also, meets the production standards as well. To learn more about Thai Hom mali rice, Thai Hom mali jasmine rice nutrition, Thai Hom mali rice review, we have Facebook page: Royal Umbrella, and YouTube channel: RU Hungry, to keep you updated on Thai jasmine rice.

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