If you want to try Thai jasmine rice but can’t cook jasmine rice, today, I’ll show you how to cook rice with a rice cooker. Cooking delicious Thai jasmine rice is very simple, stay tuned to see how.

How to cook delicious Thai jasmine rice

If you’re wondering about the right way of cooking perfect Thai jasmine rice, let us show you step by step just how. It is an absolute must to rinse the rice properly to remove extra starch, dirt, and other stuff. Wash your hands clean, then measure the rice in the rice cooker bowl. Cover it completely with water, swirl it around with your fingers until the water becomes cloudy, then drain. Repeat this process twice.

The ratio of water and rice makes all the difference in getting the consistency right. The rice should not be left undercooked or should not turn mushy with excessive water. For 1 cup of rice, take 1 1/3 cup of water.

● Turn on the rice cooker and, if needed, select the correct cooking option according to your rice cooker (check the manual). The rice cooker will cook the rice automatically and turn off when done.

● Once the rice is cooked and the rice cooker shuts off, let the rice rest for another 10 to 15 minutes. Keep the lid on while the rice sits. This helps prevent the rice from being overly sticky or getting mushy.

● Use a wooden spatula to fluff the rice in the rice cooker, and it’s ready for you! 

Serve straight from the rice cooker or transfer the rice to a serving bowl.

How to cook delicious Thai jasmine rice

Note: If you don’t have a measuring cup, it’s universally understood that “The first knuckle” method can also be used to achieve an ideal water-to-grain ratio, which basically requires water to reach the first line of your index finger from the top — regardless of the amount of rice. However, a measuring cup is recommended for the best result for all other types of rice by Royal Umbrella, so that you’ll never end up with mushy rice or hard pieces ever again!

So, how do you think about cooking jasmine rice with a rice cooker as I’ve shown you today? The steps are very easy, right? But if you want to follow Thai Hom Mali rice review, follow us on RU Hungry YouTube channel, or if you want to learn more about Thai Hom Mali rice nutrition, you can follow us at Royal Umbrella Rice. We have gathered a lot of knowledge about Thai jasmine rice for you to learn about with Thai Jasmine rice products, Thai Hom Mali Jasmine rice and others at a special price for you to choose from.

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