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Benefits of Thai Jasmine rice water

You might be missing out on something very useful. Thai Jasmine rice water has benefits that you might have overlooked. Thai Jasmine rice water is rich in the benefits from the rice itself. Every time you cook Thai jasmine rice, the Thai jasmine rice must be rinsed first. After the rice is rinsed with clean water for 2-3 times, the rice then can be cooked. But did you know that the rice water that we rinsed out contains so many benefits?

Benefits of Thai Jasmine rice water

Thai jasmine rice water, the best beauty ingredient in the kitchen that every lady should know. Ricewater has several benefits and contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B3. Although, it can help avoid smell from fish and seafood, can be used to water the trees, ferment vegetables, wash white clothes to become more white, and also provide beauty benefits.

  • Bright face Wash your face with rice water every morning and evening. It can helps reduce acne and blemish, eliminate oil, brighten and smoothen your skin 
  • Soft hands. Wash your hands with rice water. Your hands will become softer. 
  • Smooth hair. Mix rice water with kaffir lime and wash your hair before shampoo. Your hair will become smooth and shiny as well as treating your scalp well without dandruff. 

It is such an unexpected fact that the water from rinsing the rice would have so many benefits. After knowing this, you can’t flush away the rice water next time you cook. If you don’t want to miss out on the good knowledge of Thai jasmine rice, you can follow us on RU Hungry YouTube channel. We have compiled numerous Thai Hom Mali rice review recipes. We are also a distributor of Royal Umbrella Rice brand products, awarded for excellent and good quality rice, as well.

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