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Why is Thai jasmine rice aromatic?

Thai jasmine rice is highly popular, both in Thailand and abroad. The reason behind the popularity of Thai Jasmine rice is mainly the aroma and deliciousness of the rice. Many of you may have wondered or are wondering why Thai Jasmine rice is so aromatic. Today, I will tell you why, follow me.

Why is Thai jasmine rice aromatic

The secret of the fragrance in Thai jasmine rice is from the substances triggering the aroma in rice, namely the 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline essential oil or, in short, substance 2AP. This substance is the same substance found in pandan leaves and flowers. Many mistakenly assume that Thai Jasmine rice smells like jasmine, but actually, it’s not the jasmine scent, but it’s the pandan leaf’s scent. The name Thai Jasmine rice probably originated from the fact that Thai Jasmine rice, when cooked, appears white in color, like jasmine flowers. Therefore, the correct name of Thai Jasmine rice should be “Jasmine flower rice”.

Only Thai Hom Mali Jasmine rice contains 2AP. The genes in DNA enable this ability to create such fragrance. Although, if the Thai Hom Mali Jasmine rice is planted in the wrong location at the wrong time of year, its aroma may decrease and the rice may have almost no fragrance at all, which means that the environment in which the rice is grown also has an influence on the production of the aroma of rice.

Why is Thai jasmine rice aromatic

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