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The uniqueness of Thai Jasmine Rice

The uniqueness of Thai Jasmine Rice

Thai Jasmine Rice is a famous and unique product of Thailand, whether it is the popularity of Thai jasmine rice for cooking or the export of rice that is popular from abroad. The uniqueness of Thai jasmine rice has been praised for its quality from past to present.

The Uniqueness of Thai Jasmine Rice

Thai Jasmine Rice is unique and has the following characteristics :

  • Thai Jasmine Rice is fragrant and smooth and smells of flowers blooming in the rice fields. When we stand near Thai Jasmine Rice, we will experience the fragrance that will make us feel the freshness and sweetness of the rice.
The uniqueness of Thai Jasmine Rice
  • Small and round rice grains, Thai Jasmine Rice is characterized by small and round rice grains that make rice grains stick together well, so rice grains do not split when cooked, making Thai Jasmine Rice soft and not rough.
  • Thai Jasmine Rice’s quality is high and has always improved from past to present. The current Thai Jasmine Rice has excellent properties such as no excess starch, foreign flavouring, and appropriate colour.

With its uniqueness and good quality, we should promote and take pride in Thai Jasmine Rice so that it will continue to be a product that has been accepted and popularly eaten forever. If you are looking for an export rice trader, we, Royal Umbrella, are a major rice exporter in Thailand with standard support and a guaranteed award. Or if you want to study Thai Hom Mali rice reviews, follow us on Youtube: RU Hungry.

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