Tapioca pearl

Tapioca pearls are widely popular among consumers in Asian and Western countries as they are the main ingredient base for the so-called “Bubble tea”.

CPI STARCH has innovatively modified our starches to enhance glossiness, transparency, and excellent freeze-thaw stability of the finished product. Our tapioca pearls are outstanding in size consistency with an exceptionally soft and chewy texture even after soaking in sugar syrup. We can be your best choice for tapioca pearls should you want to optimize cooking control and reserve stable texture throughout process and storage.




Contribute chewier, softer texture, and glossiness of the finished product

Maintain gel texture in heat till cold process

Prolong shelf life during soaking in syrup for not too much swelling

Stabilizer in chilled and frozen condition


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Tapioca Pearl

CPI 12-04

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