Noodles pasta


The pasta and noodles market are growing at a rapid pace and contribute significantly to the global economy, especially instant noodles which have gained considerable popularity globally as it can be prepared and consumed easily.

CPI STARCH has developed a deep understanding of noodle-making technology and developed wider alternatives of modified starches that can be applied to many kinds of noodles to create a variety of textural qualities. We are very glad to help select the right type of starches or even customize starch formulas for our valued customers to achieve the desired results given the customer’s specified cooking time, stabilize freeze-thaw ability, and control soft and elastic texture.

Noodles pasta



Texturizer to improve elasticity, chewiness

Reduce cooking time, shorter boiling

Stable texture during eating

Stabilizers for refrigerated and frozen foods: Maintain appearance and stable texture as storage condition


Recommended products

Dry noodles

CPI 20-01/ 02, CPI 14-01, CPI 22-01

Chilled noodles

CPI 20-03/ 04, CPI 14-02, CPI 22-02

Frozen noodles

CPI 20-04, CPI 14-03, CPI 22-03

Instant noodles

CPI 20-01/ 02/ 03/ 04


CPI 12-01, CPI 14-02, CPI 22-02

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