The bothersome issue for those who like to cook Thai jasmine rice in an automatic rice cooker is that Thai jasmine rice spoils quickly. No matter how many times you wash the rice cooker or cook rice, your rice will keep being spoiled easily. This is due to the fact that bacteria and viruses thrive and grow in a humid and warm environment. Today, I have a good trick for you. This is an easy trick for all of you to do at home. Let’s see what it is.

How to prevent cooked Thai jasmine rice from spoiling

Once you cooked rice and it became spoiled, even if you wash rice cooker or pot and cook your next batch of rice again, it will spoil easily. As bacterias and viruses will grow and thrive in the moist and warm enviroment.
1. Vinegar Boil vinegar and water together in the rice cooker or pot for 20 minutes and rinse off the pot. 
2. Salt Boil salt and water in the rice cooker for 20 minutes, then wash it and dry it in the sun. 
3. Pour water to fill half of the rice cooker or pot, boil until water evaporate and clean it 

That’s all. The problem of ricespoilage is solved. You have no need to buy a new rice cooker or pot, because you already know how to prevent it. Please tell us a result and do not forget to review. 

How to prevent cooked Thai jasmine rice from spoiling

If you follow the trick that I’ve shown you today, you won’t need to buy a new rice cooker the next time you cook rice in your automatic rice cooker. The rice will definitely not spoil easily, I guarantee you that. If you are interested in Thai jasmine rice products of the world-famous brand Royal Umbrella, we are an exporting distributor of Thai Hom mali rice, Thai jasmine rice. We have awards to guarantee the quality of Thai jasmine rice. Try it, you will definitely like it.

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