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Have you ever heard or tried Thai Seafood sauce? It goes well with every hot pot/boiled/grilled/fried menu, literally every menu! There’s no Thai who doesn’t like this sauce
. Let me share this easy recipe with you. This recipe is for 3 -4 serves.


1.Capsicum or any chillies you can find ½ cup
2.Garlic ½ cup
3.Lime juice or Lemon juice 1 cup
4.Salt 2 tablespoons
5.Red sugar 3 table spoons
6.Hot water 1 cup
7.Coriander root 5 pieces (You can use coriander stems instead if the supermarket near your place doesn’t sell coriander with its root attached. Use two stems to replace one root)


1.Pound capsicum, garlic and coriander root in a mortar and mix them well together. If you don’t have a mortar at home, you can use mixer instead.
2.Add lime juice, salt, sugar, hot water and blend it all together.

It’s easy, isn’t it? First try this sauce with your seafood barbecue. Don’t forget to let us know how you love it, even share a picture of your seafood sauce with us here. We’d love to hear from you