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Dumpling Products

Dumplings are popular in Asia and in Western cuisines. They can be boiled, steamed, or pan-fried, a truly convenient and popular dish.

CPI STARCH can offer excellent doughs for dumpling products, enhancing the glossy appearance and elastic texture, reducing cooking time and offering protection against cracking during the freeze-thaw or reheating process. We are very pleased to help select the right type of starches or even customize starch formulas for our valued customers to achieve the desired results given the customer’s specified cooking control and preserve textural stability throughout refrigeration.

Dumpling Products_รูปภาพ cp



Provide elastic dough to run ability when making dough sheet and forming the dumpling in production

Manage higher production yield

Excellent freeze and thaw stability

Provide good texture, Clarity and Sheen after reheat


Recommended products

Chilled Dumpling

CPI 14-02, CPI 22-02

Frozen Dumpling

CPI 14-02/ 03, CPI 22-02/03

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