Cooking Thai jasmine rice is an essential process, however mistakes can be made that result in bland or undercooked rice. It is important to notice potential problems when cooking rice.

Common cooking mistakes with Thai jasmine rice

1. Proportion of rice and water

Using the incorrect ratio of Thai jasmine rice and water may cause Thai jasmine rice to not cook. The ratio of Thai jasmine rice and water should be used at a ratio of 1:2 (1 cup of Thai jasmine rice: 2 of cups water) to make Thai jasmine rice soft and delicious

Common cooking mistakes with Thai jasmine rice

2. Preparation of jasmine rice

Preparing Thai jasmine rice before cooking is an important step because it affects the quality of Thai jasmine rice. Thai jasmine rice should be washed thoroughly before cooking and you should choose good quality Thai jasmine rice such as Thai jasmine rice or brown rice. 

Common cooking mistakes with Thai jasmine rice

3. Making rice in a rice cooker

When using a rice cooker, some mistakes can occur, such as mistakenly setting the heat level. To ensure that Thai jasmine rice is completely cooked, adjust the heat level to suit the amount of rice cooked.

4. Cooking time for Thai jasmine rice

The cooking time affects the taste and ripeness of the rice. The directions provided by the manufacturer should be followed. If the rice is overcooked, it may become harsh and unpalatable.

Common cooking mistakes with Thai jasmine rice

5. Let Thai jasmine rice set after cooking

After you’ve finished cooking the rice, set it aside to cool.This will cook and soften the rice. Close the rice pot’s lid securely and leave it aside for at least 15-20 minutes.

Cooking Thai Hom Mali jasmine rice can be complicated. However, if you strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you are sure to enjoy the soft and tasty Thai jasmine rice. If you are looking for Thai jasmine rice products, you can contact us through the channels below. We are available 24/7 to provide advice and consultation. Or, if you need a recipe that contains Thai Hom Mali jasmine rice, we have put together a Thai Hom Mali rice review at RU Hungry.

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