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Advantages of new jasmine rice and old jasmine rice

Advantages of new jasmine rice and old jasmine rice

For those who like to eat Thai jasmine rice or different varieties of rice, they would have some knowledge that jasmine rice has both old and new rice. Old rice and new rice can be separated according to the time that they are polished. Although both types of Thai jasmine rice look the same, there are still some differences to be noticed. What are those? Admin will show you the differences. 

New Thai jasmine rice

It is the rice that is harvested from the new fields and brought through the milling process. The new Thai jasmine rice still has rice rubber, making it soft and sticky when cooked. The rice grains are white, beautiful, and the newly harvested rice has the natural scent of rice in its entirety.

Advantages of new Thai jasmine rice

● Has natural smell 

● Softer and good for making porridge or congee 

● It is full of nutrition because it is fresh

Old jasmine rice

It is refined Thai jasmine rice that has been collected for over 3 months. It can be observed in the Thai jasmine rice grains, which will turn white and yellow. When cooked, this aged rice has a magnificent arrangement of rice grains as the rice rubber begins to gradually dissolve. The less rice rubber there is, the longer it is stored. Thai Jasmine rice that has been cooked will be more crumbly and easier to cook. 

Advantages of old Thai jasmine rice

● Easier to cook 

● Crumbed seeds and not sticky 

● Suitable for eating with curry dishes or making fried rice dishes

A new technique for cooking Thai jasmine rice to make it fragrant, soft and appetizing without being too watery can be easily done by adding less water, making the rice and water ratio 1:1

When cooking old Thai jasmine rice, it is suggested that you add a little more water making the rice and water ratio 1:1.5

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