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DNA Thai jasmine rice tested information

100% pure Thai jasmine rice; the long-grain white rice has very little chalky kernels. Once cooked, it releases aromatic and natural fragrant. It is chewy, soft and delicious. Due to the suitable climate and the fertile soil, Thai jasmine rice grown in Thailand is unique, and no other rice grown elsewhere in the world can compete it. This is why 100% pure Thai jasmine rice is very much loved by consumers.


Royal Umbrella Thai jasmine rice is taken care for quality and safety. The production process is controlled by state-of-the-art technology. The rice’s DNA TESTED is verified. Consumers can rest assured that 100% pure Thai jasmine rice contains high quality and has no dulterant. The rice is loved by Thai consumers and is exported to more than 100 countries in every continents of the world.


The result show the percentage of other varieties in Thai jasmine rice

Royal Umbrella, the rice brand that achieved guaranteed awards worldwide. If you are interested in ordering Thai Jasmine riceThai Hom Mali Jasmine riceThai Hom Mali rice nutritionThai Hom Mali rice review, you can order the products through the channels as listed below

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