Trick & Tip

Crispy Holy Basil with Roasted Duck

1.Pieces of bite-sized roasted duck 350 grams 
2.Holy basil leaves 1 cup
3.Diagonally cut red chilli 1 piece
4.Diagonally cut yellow chilli 1 piece
5.Finely crushed bird's eye chilli 1 tablespoon
6.Finely crushed Thai garlic 1/2 tablespoons
7.Fish sauce 1/2 tablespoons
8.Oyster sauce 1 tablespoon
9.Aromat seasoning powder 1/2 teaspoons 
10.Sugar 1 teaspoon
11.Salt 1/4 teaspoons
12.Soybean oil for stir frying 2 tablespoons
13.Palm oil for deep frying

Cooking Instructions
1.In a wok, prepare oil over medium heat. When the oil is hot, add half of the cup of the washed holy basil leaves. Use a kitchen flipper and stir it. Cook until the oil stops bubbling, it is when the leaves are cooked. The leaves turn from green to light green. Drain the leaves and let them rest.     
2.Deep fry the duck. Once it is crispy, let it rest. 
3.Use medium heat to heat up the soybean oil in a pan. Add the bird's eye chilli and the garlic, and cook until it releases aromatic smell. Then add the duck and stir thoroughly    
4.Season with the Aromat seasoning powder, sugar, and salt. Then add the fish sauce and oyster sauce. Finally add the rest of the basil leaves, the red and yellow chilli. Taste, turn off the heat, serve in a plate with the crispy leaves on top, and enjoy with Thai jasmine rice.