Trick & Tip

Trick & Tip

Spicy Rice Vermicelli Salad with Barbecue Pork

1.Cooked Royal Umbrella Brand Rice Vermicelli 5 – 6 rolled, bite-sized portions
2.Barbecued and bite-sized Kurobuta pork collar 300 grams
3.Seasoning sauce 1 tablespoon
4.Salt 1/4 teaspoons
5.Sliced pickled garlic 7 pieces
6.Peppermint 1 bunch
7.Sliced red chilli for garnishing

Spicy sauce ingredients
1.Chopped Thai garlic 1 tablespoon
2.Finely crushed bird’s eye chilli 1 tablespoon
3.Finely crushed celery 1 stalk
4.Finely chopped culantro 1 leave
5.Lime juice 4 tablespoons
6.Fish sauce 3 tablespoons
7.Coconut palm sugar 1/2 tablespoons

Cooking Instructions
1.Soak the rice vermicelli in warm water. When tenderized, boil in hot water, drain the noodles and rinse in cold water. Then drain again before rolling the noodles into bite-size portions and serve on a plate.
2.To cook the spicy sauce; in a mixing bowl, add the garlic, chilli, celery, culantro. Then add the lime juice, fish sauce, coconut balm sugar, and taste it.
3.Marinate the pork in salt and seasoning sauce. Grill on banana leaves and rest it. After rested, slice the pork into small bites.
4.Place the sliced pork on the rolled noodles. Serve with the spicy sauce poured on top. Finally add the pickled garlic, red chilli, and peppermint for garnishing.