Processed meat & Surimi Products

CPI STARCH provides excellent water absorption to productively retain moisture, enhance taste, as well as extending the shelf life of meat and surimi products. We are more than happy to customize the formulas of our modified tapioca starches to best match your application which will help you lower costs and increase production yields.




Increased % production yield (retain moisture & reduce cooking loss)

Improve texture quality (Texturizer)

Improve quantity (Filler)

Prolong shelf life: Maintain appearance and stable texture as storage condition


Recommended products

Marinated: Pattie, Steak, Ham, Kebab

CPI 20-01/02

Chilled: Sausage, Meatballs, Hot pot products

CPI 12-01, CPI 14-01/ 02, CPI 22-01/ 02

Crab stick, Fish balls, fish cakes (Surimi)

CPI 20-02, CPI 14-01/ 02, CPI 22-01/ 02

Retorted sausage, Retorted meat products

CPI 14-02/ 03, CPI 22-02/ 03

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